News 17-09-2016

Hi viewers! I am sad to announce that we will no longer be posting/sharing our video links on KShowNow Facebook page as I am no longer an admin at KShowNow facebook page. There are no plans at this moment to have our own Facebook page (We might do so in the future). Weekly videos will still be posted regularly on this site. WGM on Sunday and Running Man on Monday. Sharing of eng subbed k-dramas will be done based on popularity. Do feel free to post video request and discussions on our videos. We hope that you guys will continue to support us patiently as we slowly expand. It helps us alot when you guys share our site with your friends. ...more

We Got Married 347 delay

Hi viewers, Release of We got married 347 has been delayed. Sorry for the inconvenience....more

Show release delay

Dear Viewers there seem to be an issue with the encoding machine, and thus video releases might be delayed. I am looking into alternatives and please be patient :)...more