Episode 12

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Synopsis: Park Shin Hye (Heirs) and Kim Rae Won (A Thousand Days’ Promise) star in a sizzling romance in what is one of the most hotly anticipated dramas of the year. Forced to fight her entire life, Hye Jung (Park Shin Hye) has shut her heart off from the world and grown into the most battle-hardened doctor you will ever meet. She wants to help people, but she also makes sure to never let anyone get too close. What she doesn’t expect is the return of her mentor, high school teacher, and neurologist Hong Ji Hong (Kim Rae Won), the man responsible for taking a street hoodlum and turning her into a caring student. Years ago, he made her a doctor; now, he is back to make her human. Adding to the drama is Jung Yoon Doo (Pinocchio star Yoon Kyoon Sang), a talented doctor who rejected his father’s sizable corporate inheritance to go into medicine, and Jin Seo Woo (Cheese in the Trap alum Lee Sung Kyung), an old high school rival of Hye Jung’s who is now completing her fellowship at the same hospital and is keen to resume the battle.